The Home Depot Sucks


Welcome to The Home Depot Sucks Website!

Clogged aisle
(store was open).
Why this website was started

I worked as a handyman for a living, and after making repeated trips to the Home Depot I've become so frustrated with the place that I just quit going. Unfortunately, my clients also shop and pic out products from THD and so therefore if I want the job, I need to head out there to pick up what they've picked out.
So why go through the trouble of starting a website?

It seems EVERYONE I talk to hates the place. I can't remember if I've ever heard anything positive from anyone. Everyone hates Home Depot, and they want to vent. I'm providing the outlet to do that.
Why don't you just get a life?

Yes, I've heard that one before. I've got a great life! Aside from the initial setup, I spend maybe an hour a month on this thing so there's plenty of time to have and enjoy my life.
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Link to Tiananmen Square Protests and images. Calls for political reform against China.
What does this link have to do with Home Depot sucking? We have been receiving hundreds of daily spam entries in our forum. They are all traced to Chinese IP addresses. China sensors its population by blocking all access to a website that speaks of political reform or protests. Eventually this site will also be blocked by the population of China.